With Prof. Daniel Steingart:

I investigated properties of battery systems at the nano, micro and macroscale, specifically how you can measure the changes in the materials that make up a battery while the battery is still in use. Along the way, I discovered some interesting things, like:

-an explanation for why alkaline AA
batteries start to bounce if they’ve been dischargedBouncingBatteries

-shooting ultrasonic pulses through a battery while you’re using it will give you a wealth of information about the battery materials

-that trace amounts of bismuth added to alkaline electrolyte can allow for rechargeable alkaline flow batteries

Curious? Feel free to drop me a line.

With Prof. Stephen Chou:


I found ways of aligning cylinders formed by PS-b-P2VP copolymers using a combination of nanoimprint lithography, pioneered by the Chou group, and shear alignment, pioneered by the Register group. The resulting features could be metallized to form wafer scale 20 nm wires. We presented work on this at EIPBN 2012 in Kona, Hawaii.


I also pioneered work on fabricating nanopatterned silicon anodes for lithium ion batteries using nanoimprint lithography. Silicon can store roughly 10x the charge of current graphitic anodes, but is pulverized during intercalation of lithium. Nanostructuring can relieve some of the stress, preventing pulverization. This work was continued by Dr. Eric Mills.